Yamaha NS-777 Restoration

Recently picked-up a Yamaha NS-777 Pair in as-is condition. I knew I had to work on it, but the price justified the additional work.

So here is what happened..

Watch the tweeter carefully, specially the 4 dots. Compare it with any NS-777 Image.


The black dots are screws (plastic)..ah..and I opened the case here is what I found inside 🙂

Previous owner or someone else, retrofitted a cheap tweeter in to the enclosure.

They didn’t even Crimp the terminals, rather they were twisted around the tweeter spade connector.

Here are some more pictures,


Pyle PRO ..ah !!.;). Also noticed one of the HEX-Socket head screw was missing and they swapped it with a standard self tapping Philips.

So decided to restore it as close as original/new.

Here is the plan –

1. Clean the enclosure, outside and inside

2. Crimp spade connectors for new Tweeter.

3. Verify that rest of the components are not tampered with, Drivers, Cross Over etc.

4. Order new Yamaha Replacement Tweeter (OEM) – available at http://reconingspeakers.com/


5. Order Matching screw for the missing one –  Socket Head, Self tapping. M4. 20mm.

So Step1- Here are the enclosures after cleaning and crimping new terminals.

To be continued once the new Tweeter arrives

The replacement Tweeters are finally here –




Installed in to the Tweeter Socket, Wired with right polarity



And Finally, Looks Original. I hate the four holes drilled by the previous owner to install  those cheap Tweeters, but cant do much. Will try to fix it with a transparent or same color glue..may be later.


Just to reconfirm, I did check rest all drivers and confirmed that all are original Yamaha and not touched or replaced like the tweeter 🙂

One more project closed 🙂

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