Tata Safari (3.0L) Dashboard Removal


Had this truck for almost ten years and wanted to remove the dash board, Why..May be my curiosity was overtaking my common sense. Found few reasons to explain why I need to remove the Dash

  1.  its been 10 years since I had it, better clean it (yes..clean Under the dashboard)
  2. Rattling, the usual feature of all TATAs. Something was kinda knocking on the dash
  3. Wanted to check how bad the A/C Evaporator coil was. May be schedule total A/C overhaul and cleaning of the evaporator coil.

So here it is.


a. Ensure you have all sort of tools, socket sets, screw driver, Philips, Flat, torx, Triangle, Pentagon, what not. Lights, insulation Tape, Gloves, Space to keep sensitive gear like Instrument cluster, boxes to organize and keep all nuts and screws from each portion.

b. Loads and loads of patience and care. Remember, the quality of the plastic is not very great, if you break something, it will be expensive to replace. so Be Gentle

c. Understand what you are getting in to. I assume you have enough automotive repair/restore experience before you get in to this.

d. Lots of space, to keep the doors open and work on this truck. This is not a small vehicle, and with the doors open, it does takes a lot of space.

e. Be careful while tightening/removing screws. They are self threading to poor quality plastic. Do not over tighten, be gentle, be very very gentle while removing and tightening them.


  1. Remove Stereo/Radio. They come with the keys to remove. Slide them to the side of the stereo and pull it out, disconnect all wiring. I am not explaining it here, as if you are here, you already know it well.
  2. Remove Seats 🙂 Yes, Helps a lot with the whole exercise. Also keeps them clean. There are bolts under them, 4 each. Disconnect Seat Belt alarm switch Connectors. Get the seats off the vehicle.
  3. remove Glove Box – Open it, there are screws under the hinge, remove and disconnect the cabling to the glove box illuminating Lamp.
  4. Start from the rear row AC Duct. Gently Pull out the duct. Remove screws on side and under the rubber mat 41.742
  5. Remove Center Console – 32 – . Screws on side, Remember screws Under Rubber mat 40, Hidden screws under the mat of  Cup holder too.
  6. You can pull out 38 if you remove the gear knob – around 38
  7. Most Trickiest part. Remove A/C Vent – 25. Remove screws down below too.  Pull out all Aircon Control knobs (not mandatory, but helps) . take out ashtray/12V Cig Lighter socket. WARNING : The plastic around the knob position indicators are very fragile. Do not break it. if you press slightly strong on them, they will give away.
  8. Now the critical part of the game. Disconnecting Aircon Control Cables. These are wired from the Knob to the HVA unit directly. Two options
    1. Remove the screws behind the knob and release the cable – Very tricky unless you have the right screw driver.
    2. Go underneath the Dash and disconnect the cable from HVAC Unit. I felt this is more clean. The connector on the HV AC Side are press fit.
    3. The face of the AC Control – 25 should be ready to come out by now.



9. Remove Steering –  Screws under steering to expose the Horn Pad. You can unlock the steering nut and take off the steering wheel. Ensure to disconnect the Horn cable.

9.A- Open Fuse Holder on the right side under steering. Unscrew the Fuse Box screws holding it to Dash.

9b. Remove the cover around the steering column. Need long philips. Remove cover, Warning – the Key Illumination LED cable is fragile. It is connected to Steering Column Cover. Be careful not to break it.

9.c Remove Combination Switch –

10. Remove screws around the instrument cluster, Remove the hood – 15 – for the Instrument cluster

11. Once the hood – 25 – is out, you can find the screws to the instrument cluster, and you can remove them and gently take out instrument cluster. Disconnect the cables behind them. Two connectors, one with Lock. Be gentle, careful Pull the flap outwards, the connector will come out.

12. Here are some pictures of the vehicle in this stage.

13. Loosen the main screws holding the Dash – Left and right side of the dash (you may have to remove the Door seal to expose some screws. Removing the plastic caps will expose screws holding the dash on both sides. Do not take them off yet.

14. There are also screws (HEX Cap Nuts) holding the carpet and lower side of the Dash (Middle)  Unscrew them to release the lower side of the Dash Mounting


15. Pull out the AC Defrost ducts near Mirror – WARNING BE CAREFUL – BE GENTLE . NO SCREWS HOLDING IT, ITS PRESS FIT.  Part #9 and #10 (2 X 9 and 1X 10) in the picture.


16. You will see holes for screws exposed once the duct is out. Use a long screwdriver to remove three long screws holding the dash towards the windshield side of the vehicle. these are kinda hidden, you need to fish the screws out inside the holes. take them out.

17. AC Conduts for the Doors will be happy to irritate you now, Be prepared to do boxing with them when you take out the dash next.


18. All ready to take off Dash. Ensure you have someone to help you as its heavy. Remove the holding screws on the side, and pull out dash.

20. Here is how it looks, once its off the vehicle. Sorry for the bad pictures, it was almost a 6 hour job, and was totally tired after to take proper pictures.






4 thoughts on “Tata Safari (3.0L) Dashboard Removal

  1. I own the same safari dicor 3L and i want to remove its dashboard. Do i need to take off the cup holder and gear knob assembly..? If i do it without it will it get off easily or not..?? Moreover few mechanics are scaring me that it is very difficult n all.. But i think getting through your step by step instructions iy will be easy for me.


    1. You need not remove gear knob, rather you can remove the leather boot for the same once you take off the cup-holder assembly. It is a long and painful process, in any vehicle. I was looking for the process/steps to remove dash it all over the place and could not find it, thats why I reversed engineered int myself to understand how to remove it and documented. All the best and ensure you get a sensible mechanic, else he can screw things up for you, remember its TATA plastic !! 😉


  2. Thanks a lot for your elaborated description over here. Becuase of this i was able the open the dashboard and then fix it after cleaning the cooling coil and other things.


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