Vintage Grain Mill Restoration

Apparently this is almost 41 year old Grain Mill as per my mom. No one needs it now and was with one of my Aunt. Managed to grab it  as it was one of the toys I used to play with in the name of helping the kitchen.

This whole character came to my mind as I dreamed of it one night, (!!! what a sucking life, dreaming of Grain mill !!)  and that’s how it all started, called up my mom next day asked her to trace it in the family, and she found it for me and my aunt who was holding it was kind enough to transfer it to me.

So this his how I got it


and here is the Journey,

Simple Basic Steps. Disassemble, Clean, Sand, Prime, Paint, Dry, Paint, Polish, replace worn out part, assemble. and USE, yes its usable, and I used it too.

and here are the Pics 🙂

Part 1. Disassembly, Sand/Clean – I Used both Sander as well as Hand Sanding, 100 to start 200 Grit to finish.


Part 2. My Open air Paint booth.  Sorry I had no other choice !!


Part 3. Ultra violet/Infra Red Organic Paint Drying Booth.

Part 4. Final assembly

I may be crazy, but somehow I feel happy 🙂


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