Victor Animatophone 16mm Projector – Restore/Repair

I always wanted to have a projector. Even though the “dream” was to have a 35mm, sometimes I do behave sensibly and stayed away from even searching for one.

However 2020 new year day was different. Found something which was – as always – in real real bad shape, inspiring me to take up the project. As always, no point in doing simple restorations, the more weird and complex they become, the more fun it gets to fix it.

So here is the whole exercise in video.


Some information about it :

Victor Animatophone Type : 11

Amplifier Model : A

Exact Model : Unknown


Also , some information which is not covered or missed in the video

1. Main Belt – I was lucky, I didn’t replace it, it was good and was working. Thanks to Kurt for pointing this out

2. Photo Cell – RCA 927

3. Its mentioned in the video, still repeating. You can thread the silent film bypassing the sound drum. Its not needed.

Threading – Original Documentation

IMG_3506 copy.jpeg

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