About Me

My Youtube Channel – https://www.youtube.com/c/Lazyelectrons

I am an  Engineering Manager @ job  with skills on OS, Cloud, Automation, and a head infected with Computing, Automation, Electronics, Electrical and Mechanical (Automotive) interests. Quick summary  of my spectrum  is “From Vacuum tubes To Virtualization”

I started my career from PC XT and  MS DoS 6.22/Unix SVR 3 (system V, release 3), Sco Unix, HP Unix, Solaris, and free BSD, to Novell Netware 3.X, 4.X Window 95 to NT 3.5 n all the other Windows to and now all the way down to Vmware, Open Stack and docker, even though my main job is to tie all these things together, via so called networking and internet. I am CCIE (Cisco Certified Internet work Expert ) in Routing Switching for the past 16 years) I saw the internet BGP table growing from 77,000 routes when I saw it first to what it is today.  I do code in right from  old ms dos batch file, perl, python or bash or expect, php or cgi and if no other choice in C and most personal pass time being assembly, but I have no language religion. I use what works best for the situation, so most of my automation scripts end up with Python+Bash+Expect.

Electronics has been my crush ever since I was a kid, and thats what got me in to computers and software as I always found Digital logic and Micro processors fun.I never studied Vacuum tubes, so they are my favorite and do love tube gear (not just Amps/Radios, but scopes, testers, and signal generators). Most of my hobby projects are on vacuum tube gear. Nothing against SMDs,  like them for my embedded projects.

I do work on cars/Truck too, diesel engines being my favorite.

The last trouble in me is astronomy and astrophysics. As a kid I always used to wonder if the stars I see in the sky are still alive or  are they dead , its just the light I see is originated from them years ago. Now I know where is Sirius and Andromeda.

I believe there is no software without hardware, neither humans should be trained in to use any software, software should be written to understand behave to meet human expectations.

Here is my Electronics Lab  at HOME – Almost all you in here is something i rescued or restored – except the HP 34401A and Agilent 1GHz scope.


The SA Rack. I documented only one restoration, but the other two were dead too when I acquired. Now all three are up and running. Next is my only 7K with very basic plug-ins. I do have a sampling plug-in. It is dead and is in the queue to fix. IMG_5149

Since I am running out space, few of the monsters are left out in the wild in the living room 😀


And my Component inventory excluding Tubes.


And here is one of the row of my  Lab @ WORK –


another part of my  Lab @ WORK –


Or one of the Crazy things we do as part of work – (this is a catalyst 6513 being tested for 2 Tbps throughput with Sup 2T – This pic is couple of years old)


I live in San Jose/CA, but my roots are from India/Kerala.