Sharp Cassette Player – Take up wheel not operating fix, RT-2251, RT-3838

Quick note on an interesting issue on a Sharp cassette player. I found this on RT-2251, but may affect other models too.

The unit may have take up wheel not moving, or even fast forward /rewind failing.

The root cause is a rubber sleeve which sits on flywheel spindle, connecting it to the rubber tire and then to take up wheel.

This rubber sleeve melts and spreads all over the mechanism messing almost everything up.

To fix :-


Remove unit and clean it properly removing all the gunk from the rollers.

Remove flywheel and replace the sleeve. You can use insulation from multi meter probe wire as the sleeve, as it fits in well. This is explained here in the video –”

Here are some pictures to help someone who is looking to fix it.

Here is the cassette mechanism. You can see the red sleeve on flywheel spindle.This is my replacement not original.

I have used a red sleeve to distinguish it from other parts. I used the insulation from a good quality multi meter probe.


Here is another view –



More closer


And here is the backside view. You need to take off flywheel to install the sleeve.


The Problem – This is the original rubber sleeve on the flywheel spindle, which melts, and spreads all over the unit through the tire, causing everything to freeze or misbehave.


Here is my, which is playing perfectly for the past many hours after the fix. IMG_2929.jpg

Hope it helps.

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2 thoughts on “Sharp Cassette Player – Take up wheel not operating fix, RT-2251, RT-3838

  1. I did this fix on the Craigslist purchase I got this week. Used a rubber stick on foot, drill press, and a hole punch chucked in the drill press to create a new rubber bushing. Worked great. Plays fine now. FFWD and REV doesn’t work though due to the idler pulley on that function needing new rubber. I could use a new pinch roller too. Any idea where to buy these parts?


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